Stand Out In The Crowd.

BRT Media QBelts: Advances in technology enable full graphic printing of images, logos or messages directly on stanchion belts. A single belt alone doesn’t do much but an entire queue layout will provide a uniform, clean and (most importantly) impactful experience.

BRT Media QPanels: Strategically placed panels create large billboards to complete the branding messages. Repeat the same message for uniformity or make each one unique to spark some interest. Positioning near entrances ensure your message is seen by all who enter the queue!

BRT Media QLabels with QR: No matter who you are, you can’t escape the boredom of waiting in line. Our innovative Qlabels put your name directly in front of that fidgeting future client. QLabels can be made with any combination of branding including individual messages or QR Codes to peak some curiosity and also enable clients to track the advertising campaigns performance.

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