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Customer queuing stanchions are one of the first things customers interact with when entering an airport. If they are brand new or properly maintained they will blend into the rest of the modern and clean aesthetic that one would expect at an airport. On the other hand,  if they are damaged, dirty, and poorly cared for they can also create one of the most negative first impressions of a brand or facility. Unfortunately, this important detail is overlooked at nearly every busy and bustling airport simply because maintenance crews are understaffed or improperly trained. BRT Media’s staff will manage all maintenance and upkeep on related stanchions and accessories for the time of the advertising contract.
This includes:
  • Replacement of worn or broken belts to provide a clean and fresh appearance
  • Proper polishing and cleaning of metal finishes to ensure the longest possible lifespan
  • Replacement of broken mechanism components to keep purchased equipment functioning
  • Replacement of worn or broken sign frames or other stanchion accessories

BRT Media will also manage the coordination of filling ad space with the feedback and approval of the airport/ airline clients. We understand branding is important, this is why each installation site is custom tailored to provide a mutual blending of branding between the airport, airline, and advertiser.

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